Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nixon's First Steps

Will Meet With Senate Republicans Friday

A day after his top budget adviser projected that Missouri faces an estimated shortfall of $342 million dollars, Governor-elect Jay Nixon outlined the first steps he'll take to trim the state's government.

Upon taking office, Nixon said he will direct each department and agency to submit proposals to reduce its expenditures. Nixon also will freeze all of the state's long-term contracts, require status reports on all capital projects and conduct performance reviews of each agency. In a release Wednesday, Nixon said he would also instruct the Department of Economic Development to submit reports on all state tax credits to determine whether or not they have lead to new jobs.

"The national economic climate has had a devastating impact on Missouri’s economy, and together, we must take bold action to make government smaller, more efficient and more responsive," Gov.-elect Nixon said. "It’s not the time to point fingers or play politics. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and make this government work for Missouri families. By making tough decisions and instilling the right priorities, we will have additional resources to create new jobs, make health care more accessible and help middle-class families during these tough economic times. We will live within our means, make government more efficient, and once again have a budget that reflects the needs of regular Missouri families," Nixon added.
Nixon also announced he will meet with the Senate Republican Caucus on Friday.

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