Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Daily Kos Is Polling Bond-Carnahan

Research 2000 for Daily Kos:
Bond 47% Carnahan 43%
Bond: Approve 49% Disapprove 43% No Opinion 8%
Carnahan: Approve 48% Disapprove 26% No Opinion 26%
KOS Writes: "Watch for the GOP to spend the next year trying to knock her down a peg or two in preparation for what will be another top-tier battle in the Show Me state. As for Carnahan, watch her to spend a great deal of time in these areas between Kansas City and St. Louis shoring up her numbers in rural Missouri."
The Research 2000 Missouri Poll was conducted from December 2 through December 4, 2008. A total of 600 likely voters who vote regularly in state elections were interviewed statewide by telephone.

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James said...

Bond will crush her. Obama is not even sworn in yet, and his "base" is furious, his cronies are being indicted (i.e. Blagojevich), Robin won't get away with running as Daddy's "Country Girl" in Springfield-Rolla and run as BIG CITY, lived in Europe, Liberal-loving Robin in the City.
Her only race was against Hannaway and it was a down-ticket race against someone demonized by the Media. Sorry, but none of that will work against the Bond Brigade...