Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bond Goes To Israel


The four-term senior Senator tells The Jerusalem Post that President-elect Barack Obama's proposed "carrot-and-stick" approach won't help deter Iran's nuclear ambitions.
"Offering them carrots does nothing, talking about it is not effective. We need sanctions and full pressure," Bond said during a rapid 24-hour visit to Israel. Asked if he thought Obama would do that, Bond said only, "I hope so; we will wait and see."

Bond also said he hoped the U.S. would not release another National Intelligence Estimate report on Iran publicly. "These are not public position papers," he said.

Added that he thought the last U.S. intelligence estimate
"was totally mistaken when it seemed to paint a happier face on the Iranian situation. I believe the U.S. has backed off on that. I think the intelligence agencies realized that they put out on an unwarranted favorable view."

Bond's trip was focused on security and economic issues. He met with Israeli government, defense and intelligence officials. His office also said he hoped to promote "shared industries" that Missouri and Israel have in common, including aerospace, biotechnology and defense research.

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