Tuesday, December 23, 2008

AP: Blunt Agrees To Hand Over E-mails

The Blunt administration has agreed to provide free copies of e-mails to special court-appointed investigators.
The Associated Press writes: Tuesday's agreement will settle a lawsuit that accused Gov. Matt Blunt and his office of "knowingly and purposely" violating the state's open-records law by denying access to e-mails.

"Finally, after making false accusation after false accusation and wasting hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, the e-mail team brings this political case to a conclusion two days before Christmas," said Gov. Blunt spokeswoman Jessica Robinson.

"After falsely accusing many, the only real outcome is that the governor's office was telling the truth. This agreement comes just as the office was seeking to question an official in the Attorney General's office over his destruction of e-mails. One can see why they would be embarrassed by the result of their 13-month long legal fiasco and would seek to bury the story during the week of Christmas," Robinson added.

The e-mail lawsuit was scheduled for trial Jan. 5 - seven days before Blunt leaves office.

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