Sunday, November 02, 2008

Kit Cool on Steelman's Future


On Republicans voting for Nixon because they're upset with how the establishment got involved in the primary: "That's really sad, that's so sad. I've never been a spoiled sport."

On Why Hulshof's Had Problems Gaining Traction: "He's been carved up by people supporting his opponent."

On Whether Sarah Steelman Has A Future In The G.O.P.: "Everybody's going to have to make their own decision."


BigMo said...

you just can't get enough of sarah steelman can you???

newsworm said...

The whole premise of the reporter's question is incorrect in my opinion. I supported Steelman in the primary, and I am considering Jay Nixon in the general election. My reasoning? It is the only way to change the Republican Party in this state. The party needs to be repudiated so that it will move more toward its roots. It doesn't have anything to do with bitterness.