Friday, November 21, 2008

Hosmer "Probably Not Interested" in Nixon Appointment

Greene County Democratic Chair Craig Hosmer tells the KY3 Political Notebook that he's "not interested" in receiving an appointment from Gov.-elect Jay Nixon. But when pressed about whether he'd serve, if asked, Hosmer said, "You never say you'd never be interested, but I told him from the beginning I wasn't."
Hosmer served as Nixon's campaign Treasurer and a regular ear-on-the-ground during the campaign. He said he hasn't spoken to Nixon about potential Cabinet appointments specifically, but suggested that the Governor-elect would be smart to tap talent from the Ozarks. "I think there are lots of very good people down here, and I'm going to tell him he should be looking at people down here, both Democrats and Republicans. I think he wants a good broad base of support and new blood from all parts of the state," Hosmer said.
Hosmer will meet with Nixon on Saturday in Springfield to tie up "loose political ends."
ALSO: Nixon will be in Springfield Saturday for the formal opening of the new JQH Arena, as the Missouri State men host Arkansas.

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