Monday, October 20, 2008

Huck Rails Obama; Team Obama Responds To Drug Reference

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee spoke much more about Barack Obama than John McCain at his appearance Monday in Springfield. Above are some of Huckabee's harshest hits.


Huckabee repeatedly hammered Obama's tax plan that would "spread the wealth." He also criticized the media for vetting Joe The Plumber --- but not asking questions of Bill Ayers. In my interview with Huckabee, I asked him about his "spread the wealth" theory, if its ever ok to raise taxes and his advice for John McCain as he faces an increasingly difficult electoral map.



(Watch what Huck said HERE)

"These distractions aren't what Missourians are looking for in these tough times," said Southwest Missouri Regional Press Secretary Jean Weinberg. "Top Republicans have denounced these negative campaign tactics, including Colin Powell. Voters here deserve real solutions to the serious problems facing our country," she said.


Tom said...

I assume then that it is fair game to ask Huckabee what he thinks of Sarah Palin’s husband wanting Alaska to cecede from United States? Or perhaps her ethics violation in her short stint as Governor? Doesn’t sound very Pro-America to me. If Huck just wants to focus on the top of the ticket let’s ask him if his thoughts on the Keating 5. If we’re going to nitpick, and the GOP is nitpicking because they don’t have too many card in their deck, let’s nitpick both tickets to death.
Lastly, please bring back Cat Wisdom.

David Catanese said...

Tom, I gotta ask . . . How do you know about Cat Wisdom?


Concerned Voter said...

Mr. Catanese, with all due respect, how can you call documented events that have came up in Obama's past as distractions? Don't the American people deserve to know the truth? Why doesn't the media investigate more? Why does Sarah Palin get scrutinized more than a democratic presidential candidate? When judges are appointed every detail of their existance is unfoled for the masses to judge. Shouldn't we demand the same of our president? Is Obama above this? There are many questions that remain to be asked.

David Catanese said...

Concerned voter,

You should note that I didn't call these issues distractions. Those words come from the Obama campaign in their response. Just to be clear.


Tom said...

Concerned voter must have forgotten about the primaries when Obama was intensely investigated. He's been directly in the media eye for over 20 months now, plus he has two autobiographies. Palin doesn't give interviews!

I even heard Dave was unethically kicked off his own college newspaper. Maybe we should ask Palin about that one!

John said...

Why is it that when we ask questions about Obama and his past, they are considered distractions? Some of these so called distractions are serious issues, far more serious than how many houses the McCains live in. Look at Obama's past, there is clearly a history of questionable characters, drugs, and organizations that are possibly manipulating the results of this election. When an potential employer asks me about my past, I can't call it a distraction. Well the voters in this country have an job vacancy to fill. Some vacancies require a far greater background check than others, and I fear we are bing far to easy on Obama's background check.