Monday, October 20, 2008

Prop B Would Aid Independent Living, Unions

Proposition B would create an 11-member board that would recruit more workers to serve as in-home assistants for people with disabilities. But it also would make it easier for those workers to form unions, something that opponents say is bad for business.

"I see a potential increased costs that maybe not the best for healthcare in Missouri, increased costs for those providers," says Trey Davis of the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, which opposes the initiative.
"If attendants choose to unionize, it would allow them to do that," counters Stephanie Goodwin of Missourians for Quality Homecare. "I think they should have the choice to be able to unionize."
The initiative would cost approximately $500,000 annually to be taken out of general revenue. Goodwin says about 11 other states have a similar homecare board.

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