Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gov. Blunt: Palin "Perfect," McCain Rising in Mo.

Just who is Barack Obama?

After watching Sunday morning T.V., it looks like Missouri Republicans are describing him as a promise-breaking celebrity who hangs around with former terrorists on the weekend while trying to "spread your wealth" around during the week.

Asked for his reaction to Obama's record-setting crowd under the Arch in St. Louis Saturday on CBS' Face The Nation, Gov. Matt Blunt said there wasn't any need to quibble about the exact numbers . . . just after he got done quibbling about the numbers.

"I've heard some differing numbers, perhaps a smaller crowd than might have been reported, but I don't know that we need to quibble over numbers," Blunt said, seeming to question the 100,000 people that reportedly attended Obama's rally.

(But really, does it even matter if it was 90,000 or 100K?)

While his father targeted Obama's associations on CNN, the Governor went back to a charge first raised in July, using the c-word to describe the Democratic nominee.

"He obviously has a great celebrity status, drew a couple hundred thousand people in Berlin, Germany, so he's a global celebrity. He draws big crowds. That doesn't always translate into votes," Gov. Matt Blunt said.

Asked if the endorsement of Republican Colin Powell would make a difference, Blunt brushed it off. "I don't know that it'll make a difference in Missouri," Blunt said, quickly rattling off a host of issues where John McCain lines up better with Show-Me State voters.

Blunt also defended vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, and said that McCain's lead is growing in Missouri.

"She is a perfect candidate for Missouri," Gov. Blunt said of Palin. "I could take Sarah Palin to my hometown of Strafford or any community in our state and she would immediately connect with people. She understands the real world," he added.

"She's been a great help in Missouri as we move forward in this campaign. You know, Senator McCain is the underdog, he's being severely outspent in Missouri, but he appears to be in the lead today, that lead's been growing over the past several days," Blunt said.

The latest poll I could find is from Rasmussen Reports, showing Obama with a six-point lead over McCain, 52%-46%.

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