Saturday, September 13, 2008

Poll: Hulshof Down Fifteen

Nixon 54%, Hulshof 39%
Rasmussen Reports Survey
Telephone Survey of 700 Likely Voters, September 11th, Margin of Error 4.5%
Nixon Leads By 17% Among Unaffiliated Voters
The Attorney General is up by 23% Among Women
66% View Nixon Favorably; 49% View Hulshof Favorably (-6 From Last Month)
37% Say Gov. Matt Blunt is Doing A Good Job


CharityAngel said...

Sarah Steelman would have had a better chance. I can tell you why, more of the active people, you know those that will make calls, canvass and so on, could have gotten more behind her. Those same people are now talking about voting third party, either Constitution part or Libertarian. I personally appreciated the debates that had all four candidates and hope that we will see more. That was full of refreshing ideas and ways to deal with the issues Missouri faces as our nation as a whole is facing some very tough times.

CharityAngel said...

Good thing there is no Palin bump too. If people really truly research her record and listen to what she says, there really is not enough of a difference to make that much of a change. She is still talking about going to war with Iran and Russia, RUSSIA!! And it is clear that she has issues with earmarks herself, and not to mention the investigation that she is currently under. The taxpayers in her little city have blogs that talk about how she cut taxes for the corporations, but increased them on the people. She grew government there, not shrank it, and then encouraged the building of a center that is SO large for the population saying it would bring them revenue, which it has not, there is more then this, but I think that people are smart enough to do their own research, once they get those stars out of their eyes and check up on what she is saying and what her actions have really been. It is a shame, because I wanted to like her, but there is no way that she is going to chance McCain's ways, and Hulshof is another McCain but with added PORK.

maximus bevo said...

The Republican establishment is getting exactly what they deserve by getting heavily involved in a primary they had no business in.

In a year when the republican presidential ticket is made up of 2independent mavericks and especially one being a woman, the Missouri Republican Party absolutely blew it.

By pulling a Washington insider over the finish line with all their support and money, they handed the governorship to Jay Nixon and the Dems on a silver platter.

Just imagine if we had the TWO Sara's at the top of our ticket in Missouri. There is no doubt in my mind republicans would have carried the state for the presidential and gubernatorial ticket.

But not even McCain and Palin can pull Hulshoff over the finish line this time. Embarrassing.

boyd said...

If the republicans send anybody back to congress this election it is proof that they have no principles. Everybody knows the demoncrates have no principles.
The communists in Russia used to have elections every four years too and like ours you had no choice for real change. Hulshof did not deserve another term in congress let alone the governors office. Roy Blunt is an embarressment to conservatives.

Craig said...

Hey David, the Blunt numbers you present could be misleading to many. While it's certainly true that Blunt polled 37% positive, 29% were negative and 30% are "fair." So, 37% is net positive here. Just wanted to clarify, his "doing a good job" numbers might very well be misconstrued if readers don't check out the Rasmussen link you provide.

maximus bevo said...

I seriously don't understand why all the Blunt sycophants constantly harp about the governor's favorable versus non-favorable numbers.

Don't you people get it?

People are so happy that he is not running for re-election that they say he is doing a good job because that is one of the few "good" decision he has made as governor!

Please for the love of God drop it already.