Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ashley Judd to Stump For Obama in Springfield

The American actress will host a women's roundtable, then make calls.
1 p.m. Sunday at Obama HQ, 220 S. Campbell in downtown Springfield
Judd will join Obama Domestic Policy Advisor Melody Barnes to discuss the Obama-Biden plan for working families. The campaign says they will be speaking with "undecided local women." ***BUT -- The last time the Obama camp billed a veterans event as a meeting with "undecided locals," I couldn't find one person in the room who wasn't already supporting Obama.
After the roundtable, Judd and Barnes will make calls with volunteers

WONDERING WHY you aren't hearing about similar local events for John McCain?

Answer: Because there AREN'T ANY.

Do these events win free media? YES

Do they gain Obama votes? UNKNOWN


boyd said...

All of us dumb hicks are waiting for some celebrity to tell us how to vote, geez! This plays into the McCain ads about Obama's celebrity status. A man who has written two memoirs and no legislation, he is famous for being famous. The more these people stump for him the worse he will do.

lisa said...

I am ashamed of Ashley Judd. I used to be proud to call her a fellow Kentuckian. She no longer has the same values that other Kentuckians I know have. I will add her to the list of people who I will no longer watch on TV or in movies.

waterhorse said...

Ms. Judd please stick with acting and stay out of politics cause you stink at it. How about we send all the wolves and bears to all your residents and that way they will be safe and cuddley. How much did you get paid for blasting Sarah Palin from the so called Defenders of Wildlife? I had respect for you, but I guess the acting is in a slump so let's see if you could run one of the 50 states or as Obama told us in one of his speeches 57 states. HELLO!!!! If you can't check things out before you put you name on them, then keep your mouth shut. All of the Hollywood Gang think they are soooo special, get over it. The people that made you rich are sick and tired of what you think. Stick with what all of you do best ACT.