Monday, September 29, 2008

No Deal In The House

Vote: 206-227 AGAINST

"We did think we had a dozen more votes going to the floor than we had," said Rep Roy Blunt of Missouri who was lead negotiator for the House Republicans. But he blamed a "partisan" floor speech by the Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for rousing enough opposition to kill the bill.
He pledged to reach out to Democrats to try to avert widespread economic fallout from the defeat of the bill. "We're going to reach back out to them, we're certainly going to reach back out to our members," Blunt said. "We're going to see how we can come together to reverse whatever negative there may be on the economy over the next few days because Congress has failed to act."


SBLady said...

It's a shame that our leaders can't get on with saving not only our finanical institutions but our IRA's, 401K's, and Retirement accounts. When people say it's "wall street"...exactly WHO do they think invests in wall street? We ALL do in one way or another. Sure the enourmous bonuses and employement payouts for executives should be off the table, but let's understand that we ALL have a vested interest in wall street..directly or indirectly. Let's worry less about re-election and MORE about the economic health of our financial institutions.

Paul Seale said...

Maybe we can start off a vote without Speaker of the House insulting Republicans when she needs them for such a close vote? Especially when Republicans warned of this problem four years ago.


Its just rich when should couldnt muster enough of her own caucus to vote for the program, then blames Republicans for the failed vote.