Monday, September 29, 2008

Marsh Endorses Burlison In 136th House Race

"He’ll continue the work I've started by restoring health care funding for those most vulnerable," writes Rep. B.J. Marsh, in an endorsement letter to his constituents
Outgoing Republican Rep. B.J. Marsh is endorsing Eric Burlison in the race to fill his open seat in Springfield's 136th House District.
Burlison is running against Democrat Nick Beatty to replace Marsh. The term-limited Marsh's endorsement is significant because of his history for political unpredictability.
"It's very important that we elect someone who shares our vision of better government in Jefferson City. I have known Eric Burlison for several years and will be supporting him to fill my seat," writes Marsh in a letter dated Oct. 1st.

In the letter, Marsh specifically points out that he is backing Burlison because "he'll continue the work I've started by restoring health care funding for those most vulnerable." He adds that he's not supporting him because he's a Republican, but rather because he's a good person.

Residents of the 136th district will receive a copy of Marsh’s endorsement, said campaign spokesperson Keith Miller. "We want everyone in the district to know that Marsh backs Eric 100 percent," Miller said.

Here's the rest of Marsh's letter:

Eric shares the same vision of fiscal responsibility, dedicated leadership, and ensuring that our top priorities are properly funded. He’ll fight for quality health care and better schools—without increasing our taxes.

As a Cox Health employee, Burlison understands the issue of health care better than anyone. Eric will also ensure that our schools receive their fair share of state funding.

As a graduate of Springfield Public Schools and Missouri State, he’ll support our schools in the Missouri House as much as I have. Eric has deep roots in the community and understands our needs.

Most important, Eric is someone who will listen to what you have to say. It's refreshing to have a public servant who understands that their job is to serve the people, and not the other way around.

I am not supporting him because he is a Republican. I am supporting him because he is a good person. I will not vote for someone because of a political party. I vote for Republicans and Democrats, and this year will be no exception.

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