Friday, September 19, 2008

Job Volley Continues

3:45 P.M. The Missouri Dept. of Economic Development touts new job numbers. Missouri is up 3,000 jobs in August. That includes an addition of 5,300 jobs in local government. Manufacturing showed a decrease of 3,700. Also, up 75,000 jobs since 2005.
3:50P.M. We ask the Nixon campaign, "What's up?"
3:58 P.M. Oren Shur, of Jay Nixon's campaign: "Congressman Hulshof and Gov. Blunt are probably the only two people in Missouri who think the state’s economy is doing well. Missouri’s unemployment rate continues to rise and we’ve lost more jobs in the past years than all eight of our bordering states combined. Congressman Hulshof can point to whatever academic study he wants, but real Missourians know that our economy is in shambles."
Approx 4:00 P.M. Keener Tippin II of Mo. Econ. Development calls. He emphasizes "We're up 3,000 jobs in August." I ask him why the discrepancy with manufacturing jobs. He says he can't speak to that.
4:05 P.M. Back to Oren, asking . . . to be fair, isn't +3,000 jobs good news? And how about 75,000 new jobs since '05? Are you arguing with that?
4:08 P.M. Oren: "By any measure, Missouri’s economy is moving in the wrong direction. Anyone who suggests differently is simply detached from reality."

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