Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Steelman Arrives at Bone's

Per KY3's Marie Saavedra:

Sarah Steelman has arrived at her election night watch party at Bone's Restaurant and Lounge in Jefferson City. Saavedra reports Steelman sounds positive and is mingling with supporters.

There's no sign of Hulshof yet at his watch party, but Sen. Kit Bond has just arrived and is greeting the G.O.P. faithful. Word is Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder could also be here.

The Hulshof camp says they are hitting their margins. The Congressman is clinging to a 4-point statewide lead right now but lots of votes are left to be counted, including southwest Missouri. Steelman needs to produce BIG margins in the southwest part of the state in order to overcome Hulshof's strength in his Congressional district and Southeast Missouri, where he grew up.

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