Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain Taps Alaska Governor for Veep

DENVER -- John McCain has apparently selected Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate.

The two are set to appear at a rally in Dayton, Ohio at 11 a.m. Central Time.

Is this pick a game-changer?

She's 44 years old, has an 80% approval rating but faces a state investigation. She's got no foreign policy experience -- but does this put Joe Biden off-stride in the V.P. debate in St. Louis?


Paul Seale said...

Hey David,

She has just as much foriegn policy experience as Obama. In fact she has more executive experience than Obama.

I would also note that she has spent more time in Iraq than Obama.

You know Obama, the guy at the top of the Democrat's ticket.

Palin is an awesome reformer who took on her own party in Alaska and began the clean up process.

She is a solid prolife, prosecond ammendment down to earth person who is exciting the Republican and conservative base.

I know that probably scares a lot of the people in the media because it breaks their narrative of the election - but the truth is Palin (and McCain) are far more established agents of change than Obama (and Biden) ever were or are.

That is a fact.

I would encourage people to watch this youtube video.

Kris said...

From what I understand, she is a member of an Assemblies of God church in Juneau. Not sure that has too much impact on a nationwide scale, but it certainly will impact the results here in Greene County. I think it just got a lot harder for Obama to reach his goal of 40% in Greene County.

Brad Belote said...

My Take: I applaud McCain for going outside the box.. this may be the shot in the arm the campaign will be very interesting to listen to media coverage next week of the RNC.. I thought the coverage was largely positive, if not glowing.

Here's what I heard Thursday night: the last 8 years have been miserable we need a change. They're miserable because of Bush policies and McCain=Bush so don't vote for him.

The case was less solid for why I'm guy to vote for. When Obama got into the policy stuff, he reeled off a big list of spending and not many specifics on how to pay for it. Question I had: which federal programs are you going to cut? How are measuring them working or not working? Where are we building all these nuclear plants?

So what does Gov. Palin mean? It screams CHANGE for one thing. For all the folks who were Hillary supporters because of the chance to get a woman in the White House, this should at least start a conversation in their minds about whether or not this is their shot.

In advance of the VP debate, I'm sure the media will ask the question of whether Biden will be held back because he doesn't want to come across as attacking a woman. He'll make Bush policies his target instead without going after the Moose-eating mom.

What does she really do for McCain? As Biden is a source of wisdom for Obama, what can Palin help McCain with?

quinn said...

Isn't it amazing that the Missouri Republican establishment is unanimous in its unabashed support for Palin, a maverick Republican who butted heads with the Republican establishment in Alaska, whose position on earmarks, fiscal responsibility, energy and ethics reform, are almost identical to Sarah Steelman's, but tried to run Sarah out of the party. What a bunch of hippocrites.