Friday, August 08, 2008

Farm Bureau Backs Hulshof

The Missouri Farm Bureau has endorsed Kenny Hulshof for Governor over Democratic candidate Jay Nixon.
Farm Bureau President Charles Kruse said Hulshof is well-qualified to stand up for Missouri’s farmers.

"He is a hands-on farmer who knows the challenges facing farmers and ranchers every day,” Farm Bureau president Charles Kruse said in a statement Friday. "Kenny Hulshof has proven his grasp of the issues facing Missourians, demonstrated his integrity and high ethical standards, and is prepared to lead Missouri as its next governor."
In his primary campaign against Sarah Steelman, Hulshof frequently referred to his time growing up on his family's farm in southeast Missouri, which he continues to operate with his wife, Renee. At least three of his television ads featured visuals of Hulshof on a farm.

"I am intimately familiar with the daily demands faced by family farmers and the role government policy has in helping or hurting agriculture," Hulshof said. "I am honored to receive the support of Farm Bureau and I look forward to working with them as we strive to protect and promote Missouri’s number one industry," he added.

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