Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Webb, Thomlinson Aim For Contrast With Arnott

@ League of Women Voters Forum
Watch the KY3 News @ 10 Report HERE
More than 80 people pack into the Library Center to watch
Candidate Webb salutes Sheriff Merritt for his service in his opening statement, says he wouldn't be running if Merritt was
Merritt is backing Jim Arnott
Candidates Jim Arnott, Mark Webb, Gene Thomlinson face-off in the Aug. 5th primary
The winner will likely face lone remaining Democratic candidate Mike Ramon


Susie said...

Hey David---
I really enjoy your blog and your political coverage....but I wanted to make a quick correction about this entry. Chief Thomlinson's first name is Gene, not Gary as listed in your blog. I'm sure this is just a typo because you got his name right in your newscast, ...but because Gene is a friend of mine, I wanted to be sure there is no confusion about who is running.

He is a great candidate and I am happy to support him.

Susie Bryan

David Catanese said...

Thanks Susie. I've fixed my error.
I appreciate you pointing that out!