Monday, July 14, 2008

Tails It Is: Steelman Wins Both Coin Flips


Steelman's Leigh Anne Garren & Hulshof's Ross Branson Represent the Campaigns

KY3 Executive Producer Curtis Hancock tossed the coin

1st Flip was to determine the order of Opening/Closing Statements: Garren picked Tails, the toss was Tails. Steelman will give the second opening statement and the final closing statement

2nd Flip was for who gets asked the first question & which candidate gets to ask the 1st question: Branson picked Heads, the toss was Tails. The Steelman campaign elected to receive the first question from panelists and ask the first question of Hulshof.

Hulshof Campaign Reacts: "All part of the plan!," says Hulshof spokesperson Scott Baker. "I’m sure the Steelman campaign will eagerly tell us the deeper meaning of this soon enough."

After seeing this post a frustrated Steelman supporter writes: "I bet Kenny won't be voting for a National Coin Flipping Museum earmark anytime soon after his performance." But adds, "When your side is going down, you have to find sublime humor in things."

The KY3-Springfield News Leader-KSMU Debate is on July 23rd at 8 p.m. live on KY3

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