Monday, July 14, 2008

Not That We're Surprised

Five months after he dropped out of the race for Governor, the Lieutenant Governor Backs the Congressman
"I am proud today to endorse my friend Kenny Hulshof for Governor because of his solid conservative credentials that include his commitment to fiscal responsibility, good government and other policies to improve the quality of life for all Missourians."
We wonder: Does Kinder still think he's more qualified to be Governor?
"Kenny’s ability to get things done and his strong stand on issues important to hard-working Missourians will not only lead him to victory on August 5th but will also be crucial to defeating Jay Nixon this November."

We wonder:
Can Kinder win his race without Kenny winning the Governorship?
DEM spokesperson Jack Cardetti Responds:
“Congressman Hulshof has pledged to continue Matt Blunt’s failed agenda, so it’s not surprising that Blunt’s right-hand man, Peter Kinder, wants the Congressman to be our next governor.

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