Thursday, July 17, 2008

Steelman Alone for Scrapping MAP

In Webster County, Steelman was pressed on education issues

Steelman again called for scrapping the MAP Test for high school students and replacing it with the ACT


"Kenny believes educators should be held accountable for their performance," said spokesperson Scott Baker. "He also feels strongly that parents should be able to monitor the quality of education being offered at their child’s school. Assessments are an important tool in accomplishing those goals." Baker added, "Many of the concerns over the MAP test are borne from requirements instituted at the state level. Kenny will work with parents and teachers to make sure assessment tests are fair and accurate."


"Jay Nixon believes we must measure academic progress and hold our schools accountable. As a state, we should not give up the authority to set our standards by forcing our students and teachers to abide by a national exam," said spokesperson Oren Shur.


whistleblower said...

It shouldn't surprise anybody that the two lawyers running for Missouri Governor (Hulshof and Nixon) want to keep Missouri students dumbed-down.

Lawyers make money because people are uneducated. The more ignorant people are, the more they need their services. (The same could be said about any profession, but it would appear that more stupid people end up needing a lawyer than a plumber. –at least on more numerous occasions)

The Missouri Assessment Program (MAP),is designed to measure student progress in meeting the Show-Me Standards. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean that it prepares them for the real world.(outside of Missouri).

MAP was designed to evaluate the schools more than it does the students. The results of the test (below basic, basic, proficient and advanced) are indicative of what they appear to expect. Two of the four results would indicate that the student is not proficient in a subject area. It makes A and B students come up as "advanced" while the rest of the students "know correct answers when told".

Real world testing results in real world results. The ACT test is a real world method of judging such.

concerned said...

Whistleblower is exactly right!

If taxpayers think that the new End of Course Exams will indicate whether or not a student is truly being prepared for college, they should take a look at DESEs End of Course Exam for Algebra I and compare that to the National Mathematics Advisory Panel's "Major Topics of School Algebra"

In reality, there are maybe 9 questions out of 35 that could be considered as "authentic" Algebra I.

Don't be misled. Parents and students will end up footing the bill for poor preparation while state and local officials come out smelling like a rose with more students appearing "proficient"

Placement in remedial math courses at our colleges and universities will increase, resulting in more years (and money) to complete a four-year degree.

State representatives must take some action and recruit REAL mathematicians (not math educators) in writing our state's standards and assessments.

Ask a local Algebra 2 or College Algebra teacher what they think of the state assessment. You'll find the truth.