Thursday, July 17, 2008

More From The Steelman Stop

Just how popular is it?
In final stop of 5-city tour, Steelman stumps in Northview
About a dozen gather at home, campaign calls it "lightest" stop of the day
Only mentions Opponent Once, with a laugh . . . See How Above

A reminder: Sometimes politics is simple: "I know her, she's nice. I don't know him . . . so I'm with her." (Or vice versa)

On Teacher Pay, Steelman says raising minimum salaries is "important"
No real answer on how to pay for it
Asked how to revive Agriculture, Steelman reiterates support for repeal of ethanol mandate, cites rising food prices
Also hears complaints about Transportation and the drug problem in Webster County
Candidate makes no real "news"

Noticeable throughout her exchanges is the ties people have to her husband, David Steelman . . . One man expresses his "disgust" with how the Village Law was handled (WATCH CLIP) and wishes he could throw "all the bums out" of Jefferson City

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