Thursday, July 17, 2008

Paging Kinder

Democratic Lieutenant Governor Candidate Sam Page renewed his call for Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder to release the backup e-mail records of the Blunt administration.

Kinder is serving as Acting Governor while Matt Blunt is out of the country. Yesterday, the Lieutenant Governor basically ignored Page's request, dismissing it as a political stunt.

"It appears Kinder does not consider a violation of the state's open records law to be a 'serious matter,' Page said in a statement Thursday. "If state law in that office is not a 'serious matter,' then it's another reason for change."

Also on Wednesday, the Missouri Republican Party announced it was slapping Page with a Sunshine Request. Page said he intends to comply fully to the request.

"It's Kinder's move, again," said Page. "Open up the files, Peter."

UPDATED 7:45 PM . . . Jessica Robinson from the Governor's office . . .

"We have never denied access to any e-mail unless it is protected by law," said Robinson in a statement e-mail to the KY3 Political Notebook.

"We follow the Sunshine law. In fact, we have gone beyond it. Sam Page is not taking the Sunshine Law seriously. Not only is he likely deleting his e-mails, he is attempting to use state government bureaucrats in a disgraceful attempt to circumvent the Sunshine Law because he does not believe it applies to him and other lawmakers," Robinson said.

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