Thursday, July 17, 2008

Monett Educator to Steelman: MAP Already Being Phased Out

The Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services in Monett said that Republican Sarah Steelman is "a day late and a dollar short" in calling for Missouri's MAP test to be eliminated.

"The MAP test at the high school level is already being phased out, so her claim that she will get rid of it is a day late and a dollar short," Julie Germann told the KY3 Political Notebook, after seeing our KY3 News report Wednesday. "The MAP test is being replaced by "end of course" exams, phased in this past spring," she added.

"Having every high school student take the ACT was a strongly debated issue by the secondary education arena (where it should be decided, not by a governor who knows little of anything about education)," Germann added. "At this point, for a number of reasons ranging from cost to the fact that not all students are college bound, the ACT test was tabled in exchange for end of course exams," she explained.


whistleblower said...


I don't like to accuse anyone of biased reporting, but you're becoming a little obvious.

As you reported, both Nixon and Hulshof support MAP.

Steelman was the only one with the brains to acknowledge the deficiencies of the program. Yet, you run a story that makes it look as though she is unaware of what is going on.

Has it been removed from all levels of education? And form all schools? Has it David?

Since you're an investigative reporter, and not merely a tool, why don't you demonstrate how these "end of course" exams are any different than the MAP. (other than putting lipstick on a pig)

I think it's pretty obvious. You want Steelman out of the race so that Nixon doesn't have any real competition.

churchill said...

Steelman's point has always been call it MAP or "end of course assessment or exams" its all the same thing-a worthless, time consuming expense. That is why a meaningful test like the ACT is better, whether or not all kids are college bound.

Paul said...

Who is this assistant superintendent from Monett? What does she know about the educational's Monett for crying outloud. Back up lady and let the credit go to the true reformer, Sarah Steelman!

concerned said...

The NEW (not improved) Algebra I End of Course Exam is EXTREMELY WEAK, containing very little AUTHENTIC ALGEBRA 1.

Parents/taxpayers are being lied to... these tests will not indicate whether or not a child is ready for college level study.

Please take a look at the released exam posted on DESEs website. I wonder if there is even one person working at DESE that knows the math content our children need for college.

Do you wonder why so many high school graduates place into remedial math classes?

This problem will get much worse since students and parents are about to be dismally misled during their four years of high school!

It's really an outrage!

State representatives need to take some action now or our state's ability to compete for jobs will greatly diminish in the next 10 years.

Quality education used to mean something - now it's becoming lip service...