Friday, July 11, 2008

No Limits

The donation limits will be lifted Aug. 28th
Sets up no-holds-barred fundraising this fall
This is the 2nd time Blunt has signed a repeal
2006 law repealing the limits was struck down by State Supreme Court
In 1994, 74% of voters approved limits
Blunt spokesperson Rich Chrismer:
“By signing this legislation, the governor is making Missouri’s campaign finance system more open and transparent. This legislation enhances disclosure and will help limit the amount of money funneled to politicians through political committees by making it easier for members of the press and the public to find abuses as we have seen with Jay Nixon funneling $19,100 from the target of his supposed criminal investigation and the money laundering scheme uncovered by The Associated Press involving Senator Chris Koster and Jay Nixon’s former Chief of Staff Chuck Hatfield.”
Dems Respond:
“Governor Blunt today told Missouri voters that their wishes don’t matter, especially when they prevent politicians from raking in huge amounts of special-interest cash,” said House Minority Leader Paul LeVota, D-Independence. “The will of nearly 1.2 million Missouri voters was undone by just 107 lawmakers and the governor. Lawmakers who supported repealing the state’s campaign contribution limits will have some explaining to do come November.”
“We will soon have the worst of both worlds,” said Assistant House Minority Leader J.C. Kuessner, D-Eminence. “Politicians can take unlimited amounts from deep-pocketed donors while still being able to hide money from sources they don’t want voters to know about.”
JAY NIXON Responds:
“This is a sad day for everyone who believes that regular Missourians, not wealthy special interests, should have the most powerful voice in electing our leaders. As Governor, I would have vetoed this bill the moment it hit my desk and protected the integrity of our campaign finance system. By signing this bill, Gov. Blunt has cleared the way for big corporations and wealthy interests to give millions to candidates. It’s a clear step in the wrong direction. Needless to say, Missourians are ready for change.”


Tony said...

Levota says lawmakers will have some explaining to do come November. In the case of Koster, I think it may be in August.

Not only did he vote for it but he couldn't wait until the law was in place.

At least he will look good in prison garb.

Smile said...

What happened to the transparency that was to come by doing away with campaign limits, but also doing away with PACs?