Friday, July 11, 2008

Blunt Camp on E-mail Ruling: "Excellent"

Spokesperson Jessica Robinson on a judge's decision to dismiss a case requesting access to the Governor's E-mails:

“The court has made an excellent decision in dismissing this political lawsuit filed by Jay Nixon’s political operatives.

“This political lawsuit accuses the governor of actions he did not take, it accuses the governor of actions that even if true would not be a violation of the law and it accuses the governor of actions that did not occur. In fact, it could be dismissed for any of these reasons and should Jay Nixon or his political operatives consider a similar lawsuit we stand ready to make all of these arguments for yet another dismissal.

“Jay Nixon’s office admitted to The Associated Press on September 25, 2007, that it routinely destroys e-mails in the Attorney General’s office and Jay Nixon refuses to participate in Gov. Blunt’s permanent e-mail retention system. Instead of launching political lawsuits we urge Jay Nixon to clean up his own office, stop destroying e-mails and join the governor's office in saving every e-mail.”

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