Monday, July 28, 2008

Knock Down, Drag Out


In latest television blow-for-blow, the Hulshof campaign again goes after Steelman's connection to trial attorneys, and features falling dollars to highlight her campaign donations.

Flips her own words against her . . . "Politicians use our money to buy their power and influence" . . . with tough tagline . . . "Yep, she sure does."

Marks the 1st 100% Contrast/Negative Ad from the Hulshof Campaign

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Matt said...

I'm not so sure that Congressman Hulshof wants to get into a game of scrutinizing votes. Voting for a rough average of 1,000 earmarks per year over his congressional career gives Steelman much more material than her voting record in the state senate gives him.

Remember what Hulshof said about "glass houses" and "stones" in the Ky3 debate? He may want to take his own advice here.