Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"I'm Here Now"



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(Kinder piece follows Steelman piece)

(Updated Page response below)

Flanked by Reps. Dennis Wood, and Jim Viebrock, the Lieutenant Governor calls for the barring of elected officials from serving as political consultants to other elected officials

Said this concern has been "stewing" for months . . . Planned to give speech at G.O.P. State Convention in Branson but was counseled out of it . . . Also said he made attempts to counsel colleagues, but they "fell on deaf ears"

On why he waited so long to come forward, responds . . . "I'm Here Now."


"Peter Kinder has been part of an administration that has stripped healthcare services from 400,000 Missourians, has been investigated by the FBI for pay-for-play violations, and is part of an ongoing coverup of documents that should be public record. Meanwhile, he has championed a $100 million tax credit for one of his biggest contributors, has flown around the world on lobbyists' junkets, and has spent tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars remodeling his offices in the Capitol. If Peter Kinder were truly working to strengthen ethics laws, his plan would prohibit state officials from lobbying on behalf of land-grabbing real estate developers who seek to use eminent domain for private development."

We asked the Page campaign what it was specifically referring to when it mentioned the F.B.I. Here's the response from Rep. Page:

"The pay-for-play scandal of 2006 is representative of the administration that has been in power the past four years. The FBI investigation of whether political donors were improperly awarded lucrative Fee Offices should cause voters to question the values of the current administration. As a member of the Blunt-Kinder administration, my opponent has not stood in opposition to pay-for-play style politics. Peter Kinder has, in fact, shown a commitment to pay-for-play politics by championing a $100 million tax credit designed for one of his biggest political contributors."

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Mr. Spooty said...

I agree, he does what is right. Just not what is correct.