Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Hulshof Profile

We trail Kenny Hulshof during his 26-stop small business tour, as the campaign winds to a close


maximus bevo said...

Why don't you ask Kenny why he has criticized Sara for running "negative" TV ads when he has now resorted to the "same" level?

For the record, I don't think either ad is negative, but contrasting the 2 candidates from each other.

However, I get skeptical about a candidate crying about tough ads questioning their record. This is politics, that should be expected...so, buck up and either respond or go on with your campaign and disregard it.

It seems to me that Mr. Hulshoff must be losing steam or he wouldn't be choosing to run what he "terms" negative ads against Sara in the waining days of the campaign.

I think Hulshoff is in trouble and his own actions prove it.

TruthDetector said...

In political campaigns you must fight fire with fire. Steelman has been in negative mode for months. It's good to see Hulshof finally fighting back.

I think that Kenny is so far ahead now, that he has the luxury of running hit ads on Sarah.

Steelman is clearly the candidate in trouble, since she's had to pour in $700,000 of her husband's trial lawyer bucks to stay afloat.

I predict Hulshof wins by 10 points!