Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Timing The Endgame

1. It's unlikely that Hillary Clinton will formally concede the Democratic nomination Tuesday night.
2. It's likely that she appears gracious towards Barack Obama in her speech Tuesday, and uses the evening to celebrate the 17 million voter movement she created.
3. It's unlikely that much of the political pack will spend a great amount of attention on the results in South Dakota and Montana tonight.
4. It's likely that Hillary Clinton's New York event is the hotter ticket than Barack Obama's St. Paul rally.
5. It's likely that most of the remaining superdelegates are ready to declare for Barack Obama, but are waiting to do so to allow the primary process to officially end -- as well as show due respect to Mrs. Clinton.
6. It's likely that if Barack Obama has the necessary delegates to clinch the nomination Tuesday night, Clinton will acknowledge that fact in some cursory way.
7. It's unclear if Barack Obama will officially have those superdelegates before he speaks Tuesday night.
8. It's unclear if Clinton will formally end her campaign Wednesday or Thursday.
9. It's unclear if Clinton will hint towards any possibility of a unity ticket in her speech Tuesday night.
10. It's possible that even Hillary Clinton isn't completely sure what she'll say when she steps on the stage to speak tonight.

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