Monday, June 02, 2008

Nixon: Health Care Cuts Will Be Clearest Contrast

Attorney General Jay Nixon said his position on the 2005 Medicaid cuts will offer the biggest difference between his candidacy and his Republican opponents, Kenny Hulshof and Sarah Steelman.
His comments come following the state Republican convention, held this weekend in Branson. “Over the course of this campaign, my opponents and I will disagree on a variety of issues. But Gov. Blunt’s health care cuts and the future of our state’s health care system may present the clearest contrast," said Nixon in a statement Monday.
A release from the Democratic candidate points to comments made by both Hulshof and Steelman at the convention. "Congressman Hulshof strongly reaffirmed his support for Gov. Blunt’s massive 2005 health care cuts, and even used it to generate applause and cheers from the crowd. Treasurer Steelman has also made it clear in recent weeks that she supports Blunt’s health care cuts," reads the release.
"Our health care system is broken, but instead of offering solutions to fix it, my opponents have embraced Matt Blunt’s massive cuts," Nixon said.
"While my opponents support Gov. Blunt’s health care cuts, I strongly oppose them. While my opponents want to continue with Gov. Blunt’s failed health care policies, I believe we need new, fresh ideas on health care. While my opponents seem perfectly content that 125,000 kids in our state don’t have health coverage, I believe we need to make sure these kids receive the health care they need. And while my opponents have no objection to recklessly allowing more than a $1 billion in federal health care dollars to go to other states, I know we need that money right here in Missouri," Nixon added.

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CharityAngel said...

I think that the health care cuts were necessary, and even more then that we need to cut spending so that we are not having financial crisis like we see in other states. Taking the Federal Government's money for health care is going to make the costs go up, not down. It makes it less affordable and the quality of care is effected as well. Besides that, the state needs to try to maintain some kind of Sovereignty. We keep dipping into the Federal Government, we will end up losing our strength as a state.