Thursday, June 19, 2008


We don't do this often, because it seems tawdry and nerdy to celebrate such a superficial thing as "blog hits."

But we've had a record week for hits, including two record-busting days -- Monday and Thursday.

That's all due to you . . . so I must pause to give thanks -- as we continue to build, grow and experiment here at the KY3 Political Notebook.

Blogging was light Thursday -- because I was weather-logged, covering more wind, rain and of course, tornadoes. More HERE. That will happen sometimes in the business I'm in. But I'm happiest -- and feel the most productive -- here on the blog.

So Thank You for the compliments and the critiques, for your two years of loyalty. But most of all -- thanks for caring about politics.

Oh, and keep those hits comin;)


John said...

Great blog, great reporting

Sandy said...

No, no....THANK YOU, David! Still the best political blog in the area! Keep up the great work and coverage!