Monday, May 19, 2008

VIDEO: "Special Session Probably Would Be Difficult"


Planned Parenthood Responds To Steelman:

"After Missouri lawmakers adjourned the 2008 legislative session without further restrictions on reproductive health, State Treasurer and candidate for Governor Sarah Steelman has taken a seemingly political step of calling for a tax-wasting special session," said Planned Parenthood's Kellie Rohrbaugh in a statement. "Treasurer Steelman's request for a special session to consider additional unnecessary restrictions ignores existing law requiring any woman seeking an abortion to sign a consent form stating that her decision is completely free and voluntary and then wait at least 24 hours before having an abortion. If Treasurer Steelman and Governor Blunt truly want to improve the lives of Missourians they would have urged the legislature to focus on common-sense prevention programs like family planning, emergency contraception, and comprehensive sex education."

Also: Hulshof Campaign Accuses Steelman of Accepting Pro-Embryonic Stem Cell Money . . . At issue, a contribution from "Supporters of Health Research and Treatments" ($1275 in Dec. '07) . . . Donation not reflected in Steelman report

Hulshof's Baker: "She's apparently taking money from pro-stem cell groups. That's all this is - an attempt to draw people away from that story."

Steelman's Spence Jackson on the donation: "We did not get a check, never received it. It's probably an error on their part."

BELOW, Watch Q&A with Steelman on donation in question and a 1999 A.P. article, **written by Paul Sloca** . . . In Jan. 1999, 13 of 16 Senate Republicans signed a letter to Gov. Mel Carnahan urging him to ban partial-birth abortion. Sloca reported, "Three G.O.P. senators who did not sign were Sarah Steelman of Rolla, Marvin Singleton of Seneca and Betty Sims of St. Louis."


Matt said...

This is scraping the bottom of the barrel. You can be an original cosponsor of a bill AND vote to override the veto, but since your signature didn't appear on a letter to the governor, you must be secretly sympathetic to the cause you are championing against! Amazing! This is DC beltway reasoning and this important primary for governor deserves better.

CharityAngel said...

WOW, this story has developed even further since I first visited, and that is REALLY digging deep. I don't like how they dug up a question about a bill that she co-sponsored, but did not sign a letter about, that doesn't seem like they really researched that. Which also makes me question the source on that stem-cell research donation too. Where did this info come from about the donation? Are they going to show proof of it?