Thursday, May 22, 2008

SurveyUSA: Nixon Maintains Large Lead

A new round of SurveyUSA polling shows Attorney General Jay Nixon easily defeating either State Treasurer Sarah Steelman or Congressman Kenny Hulshof a little more than five months before the election.

Jay Nixon 57%
Kenny Hulshof 33%

Jay Nixon 58%
Sarah Steelman 33%

With a tip to, these surveys show that Hulshof and Steelman are about equally electable more than two months before their primary. A previous Rasmussen survey showed Steelman closer to Nixon than Hulshof.

In these polls, Nixon wins about 18% of Republicans against Hulshof and 25% of Republicans against Steelman. With "independent," voters, Steelman fairs better. Nixon wins 45% to 40% in that category against the State Treasurer; but defeats Hulshof 50%-33%. Nixon even defeats both among "Regular Church Goers" and is in a virtual tie with Steelman among "pro-life" supporters.

Steelman's name and family roots seem to serve her better in southwest Missouri. In the Ozarks, Nixon defeats her by 6 points, 49% to 43%. Hulshof gets beat a sizable 53% to 34% here in southwest Missouri.

Republicans will again inevitably point to SurveyUSA's sampling methods. In these two surveys, the polling company only interviewed 30% Republicans, compared to 45% Democrats. The sample comprised of 19% independents.

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