Friday, May 16, 2008

Republicans Repeal Campaign Finance Limits

Lawmakers gave final approval Friday to legislation repealing Missouri's campaign contribution limits. If signed by Gov. Matt Blunt, politicians could take contributions of unlimited amounts
beginning Aug. 28. The bill was passed on an almost strictly party-line vote in the House, 83-72.
Democrats immediately called foul and sent out a press release detailing the percentages by which voters passed the limits back in 1994.
"House Republicans just overturned the will of the nearly 1.2 million Missourians who said they didn’t want wealthy donors pumping unlimited amounts of money into election campaigns,” said House Minority Leader Paul LeVota, D-Independence. “With this vote, the majority party will make it easier for politicians to be bought and sold, and Missouri elections will suffer as a result.”
In 1994, a ballot measure to limit campaign contributions passed by 77.6% in Greene County.
“By removing contribution limits, Republican legislators have taken Missouri backwards to a system that allows big corporations and wealthy special interest groups to give millions to candidates,” Attorney General Nixon said. “Elections should be competitions of ideas to move our state forward, not competitions for the wealthiest donors. I have consistently fought for strict campaign contribution limits because I believe that regular Missourians, not wealthy special interests, should have the most powerful voice in electing our leaders. As Governor, I would veto this bill the moment it hit my desk. It’s a clear step in the wrong direction.”

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