Monday, May 19, 2008

Hulshof Calls For Cord Blood Bank

Surrounded By Local Party Regulars, Hulshof Pledges To Tap Umbilical Cord Blood For Stem Cells To Treat Dozens of Diseases
Non-committal on Special Session, but Supports "Coercive Abortion" Measure
Reps. Denison, Schoeller and #136th candidate Eric Burlison all in attendance
ALSO: Right to Life's Dave Plemmons: "We'll endorse within the month"

***Reports on KY3 @ 5 & 6***

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CharityAngel said...

Why are so many supporters hiding their faces behind the signs? Did they see the same scorecard I did? The Constitutional scorecard that shows that Hulshof only votes 50% of the time for the Cosntitution, which means that only 50% of the time his votes actually serve to protect the people's liberty.