Thursday, April 10, 2008

Steelman Camp Answers Hulshof's Volley


One day after Kenny Hulshof's campaign for Governor challenged its main rival to name an example of the Congressman's inappropriate spending priorities, Sarah Steelman served up Hulshof's recent Congressional vote on an foreign AIDS package.

Steelman, who's vying for the Republican nomination for Governor with Hulshof, said his vote on a $50 billion dollar AIDS package showed he is "out of touch with the values of Missourians."

Steelman cited Hulshof's vote "with the Democratic majority and against White House concerns over the size of a $50 billion international AIDS package last week." The increase was three times over the current $15 billion dollar cost.

“This vote may make sense to Washington politicians, but it doesn’t make sense to the people of Missouri ,” said Steelman spokesman Doug Gaston. “We have people struggling to make ends meet here at home, and Congressman Hulshof has chosen to send $50 billion of our hard-earned tax dollars overseas. Congressman Hulshof is right; he and the Congress have earned their 8% approval rating," Gaston said in response to a comment made by the Hulshof campaign to the KY3 Political Notebook Tuesday.

"Unfortunately this vote is another example of Congressman Hulshof’s Washington-style big government, big-spending ways," Gaston said.

Rep. Roy Blunt voted against the bill and recently criticized the Democrats for expanding the President's AIDS package beyond his $30 billion dollar commitment to fighting HIV/AIDS. The White House has complained the $50 dollar package represents "a doubling of the previous 5-year commitment," and expressed "concern" about the increase.

The Steelman release notes that Hulshof voted for the G.O.P. amendment to slash the program from $50 billion to $30 billion but then supported the final $50 billion dollar package.

The question is whether this vote helps show Hulshof's independence from the party apparatus in Washington or hurts him among economic conservatives worried about spending. The Steelman campaign has signaled that it plans to make fiscal responsibility a defining issue in this primary campaign.

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