Monday, April 07, 2008

Lt. Gov. Candidate To Form "Do Not Call" Registry

Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor Mike Carter is pledging not to conduct "robo-calls" in trying to reach you -- if you don't want him to.

He claims he's just the fourth politician in the country to take this pledge.

According to a campaign spokesperson, Carter will be running his own “do not call” registry.

Carter freely admits he's planning on making 50 million "robo-calls" to Missouri voters this year. But he is also giving voters a chance to opt-out of the calls now and throughout the campaign by visiting his campaign website and registering their phone numbers for free on the Missouri Political Do Not Call Registry. To sign up, go HERE.

"I know it's self-serving to ask voters to visit to register their phone numbers,” said Carter, “but the Missouri Political Do Not Call list is a very real way for voters to say, 'leave me the heck alone;' that's much more than any other candidate has offered up. And, it's really truly amazing that the not-for-profit National Political Do Not Contact (NPDNC) registry took notice of our campaign's do not call program and is helping to legitimize our efforts," he added.

Carter calls himself "the leading Democratic candidate running for Missouri's Lieutenant Governor." He said it's "nearly certain" the Democratic nominee will take the reigns of the office. He is currently a senior lecturer at the University of Missouri and a real estate and business attorney in St. Louis.

So, do you want to know more --- or will you sign up for him not to call?

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