Friday, April 11, 2008

Harris Smacks Koster on Vouchers

Rep. Jeff Harris challenged rival Attorney General candidate Sen. Chris Koster on the issue of school vouchers Thursday while Rep. Margaret Donnelly announced an endorsement from a St. Louis-area communications union.

It's a pattern that has stayed consistent throughout this Democratic primary for Attorney General. Harris taking him aim at Koster, with Donnelly mostly staying out of the back-and-forth firefight.

Harris called an amendment passed by the House Wednesday night a "victory for public schools." It overturned language that he claimed would favor vouchers.

"With his measure defeated in the House of Representatives, the spotlight and Sinquefield's attention now shifts to the Senate, where all eyes should focus on Senator Chris Koster. After taking nearly $100,000 from Rex Sinquefield, will Koster now come to Sinquefield's rescue in the Senate by offering or supporting an amendment to restore Sinquefield's voucher measure?," Harris blasted in a statement Thursday.

"Missourians will be watching to see exactly where Chris Koster, the newly minted Democrat, stands on the issue of public education. When SB 993 came up for a vote in committee, Koster ducked the vote," Harris said.

Meanwhile, Local 6320 of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) endorsed State Rep. Margaret Donnelly (D-Richmond Heights) for Missouri Attorney General. They represent 2,700 workers employed by AT&T and its subsidiaries in the St. Louis area.

"As a former member of the CWA, I am honored by their endorsement," said Donnelly, who noted she's the only candidate for Attorney General who is a former union member.

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Janet said...

I love Jeff Harris. He is talking about a lot of issues that are great issues for an attorney general including CAFO's and consumer issues like subprime mortgages and high utility rates. He also has a plans to expand the no call and for ethics reform. Creating a special unit in the AG's office that has a mission for open government is also a great idea. This is just a few of his ideas. Please take a look at Jeff proposals at
I worked with Jeff when he ran a section of the office. Jeff is going to hit the ground running and is going to be the best attorney general the state has ever had.