Friday, April 11, 2008

A Double Endorsement From Deputies

Apparently, the Missouri Deputy Sheriffs' Association double-dips when it endorses candidates.

Like most major newspapers, the Deputy Sheriffs have endorsed Attorney General candidates from both parties.

Last month, the Deputies announced their endorsement of Democratic Sen. Chris Koster for Attorney General. Now, the announcement of new endorsement of Senate Leader Mike Gibbons on the Republican side. Gibbons is the only Republican candidate for Attorney General.

"The Senator has worked hard in legislation for law enforcement, especially in the area of child safety and protection," Dave Boehm, President of the Missouri Deputy Sheriffs' Association, said. "We appreciate his efforts, and concern for the children of Missouri."

“I am very humbled to have the support of so many hardworking and committed Deputy Sheriffs,” Koster said back on March 13th. “Deputy Sheriffs know first hand the law enforcement challenges we face across Missouri. As the men and women fighting to uphold the law on the frontlines, I will continue to heed their advice and work closely with them in the future," he added.

Who wins the ultimate endorsement?

A high-ranking Greene County law enforcement official tells the Notebook, "it better be Gibbons."

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