Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Blunt on Fox: Blame Dems For Gas Prices

"Politically . . . it is easy to beat up on the oil companies."
In an interview with Fox News Channel's Neil Cavuto, Rep. Roy Blunt blamed Congressional Democrats for rising gas prices. You can watch the interview HERE.
"When the Democrats took control of the Congress, gasoline was 99 cents or $1 cheaper than it is today. They all said before they got in the majority: We have a plan. We're going to get these price -- gas prices changed. And they did. I guess I just thought they were going to try to get them changed the other way," Blunt said to Cavuto.
Blunt also criticized the Democrats for not putting forth measures to "create more energy" and move towards "energy independence." "I have not seen that happen in any of the bills that we have brought to the House floor," Blunt said.
"I think, politically, it is easy to beat up on the oil companies. Who could be happy with these gas prices? Like I said, they are $1 higher than they were when the Democrats took over. So, who could be happy about that,?" Blunt said.

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