Sunday, April 13, 2008

The #136th: Beatty Outraises Burlison

The Democratic candidate running to replace Rep. B.J. Marsh in Springfield's #136th lesgislative district has significantly outraised the Republican during the first three months of the year.

Democrat Nick Beatty has reported raising $6,500 from January through March of this year, according to his first quarter campaign finance report filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission. Republican candidate Eric Burlison reported raising $1,035 during that same period. Still, Burlison holds a slight cash-on-hand advantage with $6,949, compared to Beatty's $5,869.

Still, a review of both of their reports shows Beatty with a wider donor base to kick off this election year.

Beatty's contributions include $350 from the #135th Democratic committee, and many contributions from Springfield lawyers, including Tolbert, Beadle & Musgrave, The Morrissey Law Firm and Krebs Law Firm. Beatty spent $630 this quarter, including $61.27 at, the top internet registrar and web hosting company.

A review of Burlison's first quarter contributions shows most of his money coming from family. He reports $325 from Burlison Holdings, $125 from Courtney Burlison and $100 from Nick Burlison. Candidate Burlison also wrote himself a check of $325. Josh Metsker of Nixa gave Burlison $100. Burlison received $60 in contributions under $100. He spent $250 over the last three months, including $113 at FedEx Kinko's.

Both Burlison and Beatty are running unopposed for their party's nominations for the #136th district seat. With no incumbent, the #136th is widely considered to be the most competitive local legislative race in the Ozarks this year.

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