Monday, April 07, 2008

10 Quick Questions . . . With Kenny Hulshof

An occasional series with Missouri pols
The First Candidate for Governor To Play

1. What's on your Ipod?

Hulshof: Everything from the Black Crowes and Toby Mac to the Counting Crows and Toby Keith. I like many different kinds of music and I’m very thankful for playlists! Like most people, I have different music on there for different moods and occasions. I have music from John Mayer, Saliva, Big and Rich, Green Day and Sara Evans. One of the best concerts I’ve seen recently was the reunion of Van Halen with David Lee Roth.

2. What book are you currently reading?

Hulshof: “A Contract with the Earth” by Newt Gingrich

3. Your wife gets most annoyed at you when . . . .(fill in the blank)

Hulshof: Renee claims that I don’t listen to her directions when I’m driving. She also suggests that I am sometimes slow to pick up my tools after fixing the things she breaks. Her #1 annoyance is when I publicly point out that she breaks things.

4. What’s the speech you’ve given that you are most proud of?

Hulshof: There are several speeches that stand out, including speeches given during the impeachment of President Clinton and the rebuke of Tom DeLay. However, one that I will always remember was when I was asked to speak at the memorial service for Columbia police officer Molly Bowden. Officer Bowden was killed in the line of duty. It was an honor when her family asked me to deliver remarks at her memorial service. I will never forget that service and the hundreds of law enforcement officers that came to pay their respects.

5. Name a political figure that you idolize or highly respect.

Hulshof: Jerry Litton was my first political hero. Growing up on the farm in southeast Missouri, I was able to identify with Mr. Litton, who was also a farm kid. Watching his ascension in Missouri politics, before his tragic death, helped me realize that it was possible for a kid from the farm to accomplish great things.

6. You’ve got a free weekend to do whatever you want in Missouri. Where do you go and what do you do?

Hulshof: I’ll have to use my imagination on this one! “Free” weekends are but a distance memory.
I would stay home and play with my girls, Casey and Hanna. My second choice would be to load my family in the car and head to our farm in the Bootheel. Doing chores on the farm relaxes me and helps clear my mind.

7. Who’s a friend in the political sphere you go to for advice and why?

Hulshof: I often seek the advice of Ike Skelton and Roy Blunt. Both men have earned a tremendous amount of respect and I have come to appreciate their wise counsel. As the senior member of Missouri’s congressional delegation, Ike Skelton is truly a jewel to be treasured by Missourians. His expertise on military issues is unsurpassed and his institutional knowledge is a resource often tapped by people on both sides of the aisle. Roy Blunt’s passion and dedication is inspiring. No one works harder for the State of Missouri. It’s nice to call both of these men ‘colleagues,’ but it is truly humbling that I am able to call both ‘friend.’

8. What’s the worst thing about living in Missouri?

Hulshof: There is a feud that has divided our state for generations. Somehow, some way, we must put our differences aside, unite as a people, and agree upon the best way to pronounce the name of our state.

9. What’s a political issue you’d like to learn more about?

Hulshof: Someday I hope to figure out the math that makes it possible to call a modest increase a “cut.” Politics seems to be a significant part of that equation.

10. What political blogs or news websites do you click on first in the morning?

Hulshof: I don’t read too many blogs (how’s that for the opposite of pandering?), but I do have an online subscription to the Wall Street Journal. The first things I usually check in the morning are corn prices and sports scores.

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