Monday, February 04, 2008

Fresh Poll: Obama Leapfrogs Ahead In Missouri

Senator Barack Obama has slipped ahead of Senator Hillary Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary race in Missouri, according to the latest Reuters/CSPAN/Zogby tracking poll.

Barack Obama 47%
Hillary Clinton 42%
851 likely voters/Feb. 1-3/Margin of Error 3.4%

Obama leapfrogged over Clinton in Missouri, gaining four points while she dropped two points to end the tracking period with 47% support to her 42%. Clinton continued to lead among white voters with 48% of their support to Obama’s 40%, while Obama had a four-to-one margin over Clinton with African American voters.

On the Republican side, Senator John McCain seems to be holding a steady lead over rivals Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney.

John McCain 35%
Mike Huckabee 27%
Mitt Romney 24%
852 likely voters/Feb. 1-3/Margin of Error 3.4%

McCain is clearly benefiting from the conservative split between Huckabee and Romney. Much of Huckabee’s support came from the conservative southwestern part of the state, where he got 41% support, compared to McCain’s 28% and Romney’s 19% support. McCain dominated in St. Louis, where he had 40% support to Huckabee’s 10% and Romney’s 25% support.

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