Monday, February 04, 2008

Blunt Votes Absentee in Springfield

Gov. Matt Blunt voted absentee in the Republican Party presidential primary at the Greene County courthouse. The governor favors former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for president, and says he cast his ballot accordingly on Monday morning.

Romney campaigned on Sunday in Maryland Heights, a St. Louis suburb, and predicted he will win in Missouri on Super Tuesday. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, Blunt, Missouri House Speaker Rod Jetton, and former U.S. Senator Jim Talent joined Romney at the rally.

Blunt also took his aim at Gov. Mike Huckabee today, accusing his supporers of distorting Romney's record.

"A secret 527 Group supporting Governor Mike Huckabee - called Common Sense Issues - is distorting Governor Romney's record with push polls in Missouri and across the country. I know that Missouri voters will not respond to these deplorable and desperate tactics," Blunt said in a statement.

"We want an issues based campaign, a campaign about the future of our country, and we will not take kindly to out-of-state special interest groups calling us up and saying things that are not true about a candidate's record. Governor Romney is the real conservative candidate who will cut taxes, fight illegal immigration, and strengthen our military. It is time for Governor Huckabee to put an end to these push polls and begin running a campaign on the issues," Blunt added.


Matt said...

I have refrained from critiquing candidates until now: Romney's conservatism has all the authenticity of a plastic banana. The man who now wraps himself in the mantle of Reagan and claims he voted for Reagan used to brag about how proud he was to be an independent during the Reagan-Bush years.

Romney lambastes other candidates on positions which he used to hold. He's done this on immigration, abortion, gay marriage, gun rights, defense, etc. There is a reason, as written by Ana Marie Cox in Time, that all other candidates (past and present) dispise Romney and his tactics. He is an opportunist who has seen the void created by the lack of a rock-ribbed conservative and being the good salesman that he is, sought to fill that void.

In so doing, he has become the darling of hard right talk radio, while admitting that this medium has given his campaign an odd sort of firewall. Beware talk radio and fellow conservatives: in Romney's candidacy you may now see someone strong on defense, fiscal, and social issues but you may one day wake up with the real Mitt Romney- the one who was effectively pro-choice until 2005, who once advocated a much more liberal immigration position, who once was for the Brady Bill, and who didn't have the courage to say the surge was working.

Don't fall for Plastic Banana conservatism.

boyd said...

Matt, your right and the republicans deserve a beating this fall. If a old war hero was the answer why didn't Dole win? All we have here is two branches of one party.