Friday, February 22, 2008

First Harris . . . Then Donnelly Hits Koster

Rep. Margaret Donnelly took aim at Sen. Chris Koster for "joining with Republicans" to pass a Senate bill which would remove campaign contribution limits in Missouri.

Donnelly is running against Koster and Rep. Jeff Harris for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General.

"This is absolutely inexcusable, but at the same time I am not surprised," said Rep. Donnelly. "From day one, Chris Koster's priority list has been: one, Chris Koster's special interest friends; and all the way at the bottom of his list are Missouri families."
Donnelly pointed out that Koster also voted to remove campaign contribution limits in 2006 when he was a Republican. The bill was later ruled unconstitutional.

"Koster's recent indifference to the will of the voters regarding contribution limits reflects his record in the state senate," said Donnelly. "He's voted to eliminate health care coverage for thousands of seniors and children; he's put student loans at risk; and he's taken tens of thousands of dollars from special interests," added Donnelly.

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