Friday, February 22, 2008

Harris Hits Koster on Voucher Vote

Democractic candidate for Attorney General Jeff Harris took aim at rival Senator Chris Koster for missing a vote on the issue of school vouchers Thursday.

According to a Harris release, Koster missed a committee vote before the Pensions, Veterans' Affairs and General Laws Committee on the issue.

"Rather than let voters know exactly where he stands on this pivotal issue involving funding for our schools, Koster ducked," reads the Harris release.

“Chris Koster can try to duck tough votes, but he can’t cover up the fact that he took almost $100,000 from a single Republican donor who strongly supports school vouchers. As Attorney General, would Koster also dodge taking on tough cases when they conflict with what his wealthy campaign contributors support? Democratic voters should make no mistake. Chris Koster’s no-show on yesterday’s voucher vote is no different than a vote against Missouri’s public schools. Instead of taking the heat, Chris Koster got out of the kitchen. I have always been 100% against vouchers and will hold the line against them in my capacity as Attorney General," said Harris in a statement.

Harris and Koster are vying for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General along with St. Louis State Rep. Margaret Donnelly.

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