Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What Is Sarah Steelman Doing Today?

A) Announce she's running for Governor
B) Announce she's endorsing Sen. John McCain
C) Neither of the above

The buzz is on.

Calls from a well-connected KY3 News anchor to the Steelman family Monday couldn't even produce a hint.

All we know is that Republican State Treasurer Sarah Steelman is holding a noon news conference from the kitchen table of her childhood home in Jefferson with her family and parents.

Jo Mannies, of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, notes her press release came from Republican operative Jeff Roe.

Roe seems to be aligned with Republican candidate Mike Huckabee, so it would be odd if a presidential endorsement came directly from his office. Also, why surround yourself with your family and parents to announce your support for Sen. John McCain.

That seems far too intimate . . .

This must be something personal. If you were going to mount an inner-party challenge for Governor, this seems like it would be the year to do it.

A source also says Steelman didn't attend the Governor's State of the State address last week.

But really? This political year couldn't get turned upside down any more . . .

Could it?


whistleblower said...

She is running for a second term as Treasurer.


The_Moose said...

She's running for Governor!!!!!! we shared a moment over a cup of coffee!!