Thursday, January 03, 2008

Final Poll: Obama By 4, Huck By 6

"There is a clear Clinton fade."

DES MOINES -- The final poll before the 2008 Iowa caucuses begins shows Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee with leads over their respective rivals.

Mike Huckabee 31%
Mitt Romney 25%
Fred Thompson 11%
John McCain 10%
Ron Paul 10%

(914 likely caucus goers, 3% MOE)

Barack Obama 31% John Edwards 27% Hillary Clinton 24%

(908 likely caucus goers, 3% MOE)
"There is a clear Clinton fade," pollster John Zogby said. "None of it has been dramatic, but it has been stable."

On Huck, Zogby concluded: "Huckabee is not pulling away, but it's now a six-point lead and he has moved above 30 percent."

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