Thursday, January 03, 2008

"This Movement Will Go Forward"


DES MOINES -- Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards told a gathering of local steelworkers this morning that their movement for economic fairness and against corporate greed would continue beyond Iowa.

"This movement is going to go forward," Edwards told cheering union members at U.S. Steelworkers Local 164 in eastern blue-collar Des Moines.

Crowds at the event chanted, "We love Elizabeth, We Love John. We Want To See Them On The White House Lawn!"

When Edwards entered the room from his campaign bus, his first line took a shot at his two rivals: "Two campaigns believed their money would be inevitable."

Edwards seemed to hint that no matter tonight's result, he would continue to campaign in New Hampshire and beyond. Many in the political chattering class believe Edwards needs to win Iowa to prove viable going forward.

"The energy and momentum behind this campaign can't be stopped," he said. "I'm proud to be arm and arm with you in this fight."

He then asked volunteers to travel with him to New Hampshire tomorrow after a "brief but intense victory party tonight."

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